Friday, August 24, 2012

Fantabulous Friday: Not my Time

It's painful to recognize that "my time" isn't my own. It is spoken for. Absolutely. There are the things I'd like to do - things for my own glory and gain. But, somehow - even when I do devote myself to me - I come up empty. I'm thinking more and more of my time as on loan to me. From my Maker. What would he have me do with this life?

I find it irksome when claims on my time over-rule my desires. What? I can't just triathlon train and play piano all day long? Shoot. Even ST has become my idol at some point or other, but my husband is quick to call me back to reality. Scarlet Threads is the Lord's work - in my opinion - but I have to be careful. Sometimes I flail about in futility in the name of ST, when I could be doing something useful or more importantly RESTful. 

This world is for training. We win and we lose, but every day we are working towards a goal.
Daily, the ST Ladies are working to provide a safe place to work for women around the world. Starting in China - and recently extending to Uganda - and a possible expansion to a new country impending. We have had set backs. I won't lie to you, there were times when we nearly closed our doors. The details, I won't share. What I will share is that the women who we employ in China helped us to overcome those difficulties. Their belief in the product they create and in our ability to guide and grow ST (along with some answered prayers) gave us the strength to continue.

We are so glad that we did. If you've been watching, and reading between the lines, you'll have seen that our "training and correction" has paid off. You've met our gorgeous new staff (Christina, Faerl, Hannah, and Lexi), you've seen our new blog format, and you'll see that we've added four new Retailers. We have our heads on straight, now! We don't expect this road to be easy - we don't want it to be easy because we are in training. It is the path before our feet that is important and rewarding on this journey, and it's not so bad.

Scarlet Threads is like triathlon - the more difficult the obstacle, the more prepared I become once I've conquered it.

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