Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Montage: Ruffled Feathers!

I'm so pleased to share this marvelous shop with you today, as our Monday Montage feature! Here comes Ruffled Feathers, run by our good friend Valerie in Iowa! 

Valerie started Ruffled Feathers Company after sewing skirts for the Love Without Boundaries Art Auction and just enjoys it so much. She loves sewing designing, and is a graphic designer by profession! Many of these dresses are one-of-a-kind ... sewn the ol' fashioned way with love and care, no fancy serger seams, but rather, french seams and neat zigzags and trimming. 

The beginner quilter and seamstress in me is so impressed with the skills that Valerie has! Incredible! 

As you've seen in previous posts, Valerie and her husband have three boys (remember our monster truck birthday cake? our karate-kicker?), so she said that  isn't much call for dresses in her house  :)   

In her own words, Valerie said  

"I have a passion to speak out for orphans and am blessed that my sewing and designing can be used to be God's hands and feet in tiny ways. As a stay-at-home mom my sewing allows me to sponsor children and adopting families who are fundraising. A portion of every sale goes to help orphan care. And in case you are curious about the name ... When I was sewing up my first skirts I had quite a few "Ruffled Feathers" from the male-folks around the house who were a little put off about the girly-girl things suddenly popping up ... therefore the name "Ruffled Feathers." 
Sometimes it's good to ruffle a few feathers!" 

I couldn't agree more, Valerie! 

Just have a look at some of these darling creations! 

the Hope Knot Dress

Blooming Hearts Knot Dress 

In addition to these skirts and dresses, Valerie also makes DOLLS!!! Plus, your doll (daughter!), and her little dolly can have matching outfits! 

Skirt with Matching Lydia Love Doll

Lydia Love Doll 

Here are a few of our favorite dolls, modeling Valerie's creations: 



Aren't these all just wonderful??? I'm wishing I had little girls of my own, and thinking of all of the little girls that I know, so that I can outfit them all in Valerie's creations! 

I have a funny feeling that I will need to place an order with Valerie. I think that the little girls that I sponsor would just adore these dresses and dolls! 

Valerie has been a longtime supporter of both Scarlet Threads, and New Day Foster Home and I know I've seen her work on their blog from time to time! She says that her designs are a beautiful and intricate part of a much larger tapestry that God is working on weaving, which is just such a lovely thought, wouldn't you agree? Here's a few more words from Valerie, and I really love this - 

I will also add that my sewing machine was a gift from my mother soon after we were  married. At the time, I was a full time graphic designer who flew around the country working with Colleges and Universities to design their promotional material. 

I was very appreciative to my mother for the gift most definitely ... but I can still hear my words ringing in my head, "Thank you mom! But I don't know WHEN I'm going to have time to use this?!"
She just game me that look that only mother's can give ... with a quiet smile ... and a sparkle in her eye. (It's actually frozen in my mind's eye.)

I'm not sure if she realized what that sewing machine had in its future ... but she knew motherhood would change me.

And it certainly has.

Thinking about Valerie's story and reading her words, I got a few chills. Really. I really admire her for what she is doing, and find it so inspiring. I think that the next time I am in Iowa, I might need to stop by Valerie's house for a sewing lesson. I have a feeling that we'd get along famously. 

Valerie has so graciously offered our readers a 15% discount on any dress or skirt orders for the next two weeks! She can also do custom orders, and indicated that it is best to contact her via email, which is listed on the sidebar of her blog. When you email her, and I sure hope you do, please let her know that you found her site from ours, mentioning Scarlet Threads, in order to get that discount applied. Of course, you can also order directly from her site. She is also working on creating an etsy shop, and when she does, we will be sure to let you know! For now, find Valerie and Ruffled Feathers HERE

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