Monday, August 13, 2012

New Old Friends

Last week I got the lovely opportunity to meet two old friends for the first time. I say "old friends" because, though we have never met, it feels like we have been friends for years- that's what standing for the same cause and supporting the same mission will do for your relationships.

Apron Modeling From Left: Eileen, Chrissy, Faerl Marie (Me)
 I was in Houston, Texas visiting my parents and attending Antiques Roadshow (among other things) and took the time to have coffee and treats with two other affiliates, Chrissy and Eileen, who live in the area. It was wonderful and we had a great brainstorming and business session after we got to know each other and share our lives for a while.
We enjoyed lots of delicious treats!

Zinnias from my parents' garden.

Fresh Blackberries

Tasty Tuesday Scones from Eileen

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