Friday, August 31, 2012

The Wildflower

One of our new retailers this summer is a lovely little floral boutique in Pagosa Springs, Colorado called  The Wildflower. The owner, Rick and the shop manager, Faith were such a delight to meet while I was on vacation. Their willingness to partner with Scarlet Threads was such a blessing, especially since they are a unique type of store to carry our products. I don't think we have any other florists! I recently did a little interview with them and asked for simple flower arranging advice.

Part 1: Our interview

1) How long have you been in Pagosa Springs and what is unique about the town that makes running a floral and gift shop so enjoyable?
 I have been in Pagosa Springs for a bit over 7 years. The shop has been opensince December 2010 and I purchased it in May of this year. Almost everybody [in Pagosa Springs] is from somewhere else, so there is great diversity. We have a significantpercentage of the population that have retired here; they seem to alwayshave a need to remember a birthday or anniversary and we are ready to helpcreate the celebration.
2) How does the Scarlet Threads merchandise and vision/ values fit with yourvalues and vision as a store owner and community member?

We are strong believers in the power of capitalism and the empowering ofpeople to seek their own destiny. Providing an opportunity to be in businessfor oneself is very high on our list of priorities. We strongly encouragelocal folks to be part of what we're creating. Scarlet Threads shares asimilar philosophy, on a global scale, and we applaud their efforts.
3) What has been your favorite ST product or the one that has seen the mostsuccess? 
The sewn accessories have been the strongest sellers for us so far. We'veonly been on board for a couple of months, so we haven't seen what happensin our strongest season, but are looking forward to seeing how the productsare received by our regular customers.
4) if you had to give a profile of The Wildflower what would it say?
The Wildflower is much more than your run of the mill full-service flowershop. With a wide selection of unique gifts, every occasion, every event isreason enough to drop by for a visit. In addition our friendly staff isready and able to assist with any request.
5) What is your favorite part of owning and running a floral and gift shop?
With the exception of funerals, everything we do is fun. Even with theoccasion of the loss of a loved one, we are here to provide moral andspiritual support. We never know from moment to moment who will be comingthrough our door and we stand ready to meet their needs on whatever levelswe can.
6) If someone were planning a trip to Pagosa what would you say about thetown and recommend for them to visit (other than The Wildflower of course!)?
We often say, "We used to vacation here. Now it's a vacation every day."Quaint charm, great weather and wonderful people combine to make PagosaSprings "Our little piece of paradise."
Part 2: Helpful hints for easy floral arrangements

There is a field of sunflowers below my house that I planted last year. I used a variety of sunflowers and wildflowers to carry out their instructions.

Flower arranging has never been my forté so I was eager to hear their advice on simple floral techniques.  Their first piece of advice was to create a grid on your vase with tape.

  • In a glass vase without floral foam, using clear waterproof tape (available at your local florist) create a grid across the top of the vase. Secure by running additional tape around the lip to hold the grid in place. This will provide some support for the greenery. 

I used regular gift tape and it worked like a charm.

  • When using ceramic, plastic or basket containers, green floral tape hold well and keeps the foam solidly in the container. Floral foam designs tend to least a few days less than designing in clear water with floral preservative.

  • Make sure the container is of an appropriate size. Too big will require many flowers to be proportional. Too small can get lost within a busy ensemble.
Basic Floral Design Process-

  • Assuming a glass vase, cover the grid with selected greenery.
    •  Don't extended too far out from the vase
    • More than one type will provide different textures and give more visual interest
  • Establish the overall height of the arrangement
    • Tall slender flowers are most effective
    • Repetition using 3-5 will draw the eye to the focus
    • Unless using something especially wispy is being used, a total height of 2 1/2 times the height of  the container is as tall as most arrangements can be without looking out of proportion
  • Create the focal point
    • Large flowers placed at the rim of the vase will draw the eye
    • Multiples of the same flower will add interest and become large enough to be the focus

  • Use smaller secondary flowers to fill space 
    • Within the cone shape coming down from the tallest point 
    • And within the confines of the focal point flowers
  • Use filler flowers to add additional fullness
    • A variety can add color contrast 
    • Don't be afraid to use varying textures
  • Fillers are added last
    • Fill empty spaces between single blooms
  • For more interest add... 
    • Sticks or curly willows at odd angles
    • Long swirly grasses will accentuate the focus and add size without adding much additional cost

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