Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Krazy for Kenzie

Now, there are all sorts of ways to rationalize a purchase. I am absolutely standing in no one's way of kulinary kreativity inspired by a gorgeous apron. And, by lowering the price by $10 to a $15 total, we are doing our part to remove any barriers between yourself and the apron of your dreams. As long as that apron is Kenzie, of kourse.

Oh the joys of kouponing. Half of what I own was purchased on sale. But, long ago I learned that there is more to it than a cheap price! If I wouldn't want it for full price, I certainly shouldn't be buying it because it is on sale. That's my first maxim.

The first maxim applies readily to cases of Thrifty Thursday short sales. Scarlet Threads only makes perfect products with perfect prices and pretty patterns.

My second maxim kannot apply perfectly, however. My second shopping maxim is to purchase items only after sustained need/desire of 30 days. Now, if you have been kraving the krafty Kenzie for near 23 days, you are JUST going to make the 30 days. So in cases such as these, I advise you to lower the sustained need standard to a doable 3 days. That way, you have plenty of time to komplete your purchase and kapitalize.

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