Monday, September 17, 2012

Care to Give a Ring?

You haven't forgotten about Huan Mei yet, have you? It's only been a couple of days since I introduced her and her children to you... ideally you've been on the edge of your swivel chair refreshing the Scarlet Thread's blog page for hours, waiting impatiently to find out how in the world you can help this beautiful woman... right?

Well, regardless of how impatient you have been, today is the day! We're going to start with rings, Huan Mei's specialty. 

Are your fingers itching yet? I know that mine are. Huan Mei deigns and makes these lovely flower rings herself. She gives them as gifts to good friends and she helps supply her husband's art stand in the city with them. He taught her how to make them, and the romantic side of me wonders if they wove rings while dreaming futures...

Right now, Huan Mei is weaving these rings as she dreams successful futures for her children. And we can help make this dream come true!

This is something new, and we need your help. We don't want to have Huan Mei and her husband tirelessly create hundreds of rings if they'll never sell. One thing that Deng Jie (ST's apron seamstress) asks me all of the time is "how are the aprons selling." She's already been paid but she wants to know how the products are selling... those aprons are like children to her, I think. Their success reflects on her. 

We want a successful product.

We're brainstorming about these rings right now and we have a lot of questions. What sizes should we market? Will the rings sell well? What colors? Big flowers or small? How do you ship something so... bendy? Children too? 

So, what do you say? 

We want to help Huan Mei and to do so we're going to need your help! What are your answers to the brainstorming questions? 

What sizes should we market? Will the rings sell well? What colors? Big flowers or small? How do you ship something so... bendy? Children too? 

And most importantly... would you buy one?


  1. Sizes 4-10 is a wide range...but also a nice standard. Maybe offer certain styles in only smaller sizes, while offering others in only larger sizes. Personally, I wear an 8, but my mom wears a 4. I think they could sell! I think they're beautiful. Absolutely big flowers though. I like the colors that compliment each other yet also have high/distinct contrast. And finally, I would buy them for family for Christmas if it all worked out by then!

  2. I would buy more than one! I asked my sisters as well and we all loved them. Here are some thoughts for your market research. :)

    13 yr old sister: little rings, especially in blue, green, and yellow.
    Special needs sister: big rings, especially in red, green, and purple.
    Me: big rings, especially in neutral or purple tones.

    I think overall that the larger rings would be more popular--at least when I think of what my friends wear. I don't really know ring sizes offhand, though. I also love the idea of being able to get them for Christmas!