Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Friday: Baby Bustle

This is a wonderful DIY for the wee ones from one of my college roomies. You'll be hearing more from my friend Teresa - she's an amazing cook and she has some good ideas that we'd love to share with you! (Start looking forward to some Owl-dorable cakes for Tasty Tuesday.) Really, she's quite ingenious in all other ideas of life.  (Except when she tried to make fudge from Velveeta and Saltine Crackers in the dorm microwave.  Some ideas just don't need to be tried, my dear friend.) 
Best, -C.

So what do you do when your little crawler doesn’t like the dresses you pick out for her quite so much as you do? You make a baby bustle! …or at least that’s what I did. 

Like all great ideas, it's super simple and takes just a few basic supplies:
  • Elastic band
  • Oversized buttons
  • Needle and thread
  • Rubber bands in assorted colors
First you measure around your baby’s bum to figure out how wide you need to cut the band. Then mark even spaces for however many buttons you are going to have (I did six) and sew it all together!

Now that you officially have your baby bustle, you take your baby dress and attach the lower edge to it with the rubber bands, preferably in a color that roughly matches the dress. Be sure to wrap it tight so that her little fingers can’t get the band off. 

Now put it on your little tike and let her roll free!!

And the best part is it is completely removable and can be used on different dresses.

If I only had thought of this before she learned to walk : )

**Disclaimer: This probably goes without being said but we are going to say it anyway... when using things like buttons and rubber bands around babies, you need to be smart.  (Says the mama whose toddler almost stuck a screw driver in the outlet the other day.)  This idea is ingenious and can be perfectly safe, but use common sense!  We don't want any babies to swallow buttons; they don't taste half as sweet as they look cute.  

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