Saturday, September 29, 2012

Easing the Change

Does it get much happier than this? Huan Mei and Lao Yen obviously have a little too much joy bubbling up inside of them.

We're almost ready to launch Huan Mei and Lao Yen's work on the website, are you excited? Think of what great Christmas presents these items would make!?

Huan Mei and her family are also excited. You see, they're going through a rather rough transition right now. Lao Yen, father and husband and bread-winner of the family, is going to need to "move shop." The row of booths that his stall is located at in the city is getting closed down and he will need to find another location to sell his wares.

This is going to put a strain on the family... I can already see the stress that the unknown is bringing.

But with the upcoming launch of their products on Scarlet Thread's website, you can see the hope in Lao Yen's eyes as he hears that his family may be alright after all. Without us, Huan Mei and her family would survive... but the transition of the next few months would be rough. 

We're helping to ease the change.

...and by easing the changing, eliminating stress so that joy can continue to bubble.

Making a difference is exciting, isn't it?


Ni Hao Yall


  1. Wonderful pictures that capture their story so well!!!

  2. Lovely photos Hannah...their smiles are so contagious!! Thank you for linking up with the simple things this week! :)

  3. They are such a special family :)