Friday, September 7, 2012

New Frontier

I’m pretty sure my family and I have moved as far away from home as we can possibly get.  Literally.  There is a 12-hour difference between ‘home’ and here, so when it’s noon there, it’s midnight here.
Here is where we’ve moved to:
Batam, Indonesia
You’re first question is probably: Where is that? It’s a small island in South East Asia, about 5 degrees north the Equator, and just south of Singapore.
I know the next question is:  Why in the world did you move there?  My husband’s job, and no, we’re not military and no, we’re not missionaries.  He’s in oil and gas.  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can make our way back to Scarlet Threads.  

When we found out we were moving, we were super excited.  See, we’re some of those crazy people who think leaving every American comfort with our two small children in tow would be and exciting adventure and challenge.  Although at this point, it’s way more challenge than it is adventure.  When I told the gals at Scarlet Threads, we all got excited because we saw opportunity.  We have the heart to take the vision of Scarlet Threads all over the world and hopefully do some good and have some fun all while connecting our clients with craftsmen and women who make fabulous creations.  

With that in mind, my new role in Scarlet Threads is to seek out new people and new products for the Scarlet Threads shop, and I will be keeping you updated on my progress.  I also hope to share the comedy, frustration, and craziness that comes with being an expatriate. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments, and I’ll try to answer them in my next post!  

I’ll leave you with this little anecdote that Carrie (who has been in my shoes!) found hilarious.  We’ve moved into a very nice house, especially by Indonesian standards.  As I was settling in,  I noticed something that I found odd and frankly ridiculous.  All of the outlets in the house are like this: 
Please notice the 3 prongs
Meanwhile, EVERY SINGLE APPLIANCE has a plug like this:   

Only 2 prongs, people!
Why? You might ask, as I did.  I have no idea!  I guess the outlet adapter business has a lot of sway around here because I had to go out and buy an adapter for every single outlet in my house!  Good times . . .

Until next time! Cheers!

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