Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Three for Thee!

Now Carrie - did you have to call me out in your last Thrifty Thursday post? I admit that I was taken aback by the $6.00 price tag on our delightful Daphne apron. I almost lost consciousness.

But then... I realized - why didn't I didn't see it before? - it was a misprint. All of the $6.00 price tags on the website were supposed to be $9.00. There must have been a glitch in the HTML!

And then there was the other glitch. We apparently neglected to return our Summer Joy to its normal price. So, it was $9.00 too!

Well, this week we are going to continue this $9.00 extravaganza. And, I'm going to up the ante. This week - all three are going to be on sale for that special less than $10 price. That's $9.00 - in case you missed it.

Head on over to our shop and pick up one or all of these fabulous items!

Carrie - that's $9.00. Got it?

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