Friday, October 5, 2012

a slight cookbook obsession

I have a confession to make: I have a lot of cookbooks. A LOT. I will also confess that they don't all get used on a regular basis. How can they, when there are this many?!

A close up, of a few of the shelves. I have them categorized, for the most part.
Mexican on top, beneath that, "celebrity chefs" and their cookbooks. Some of them are signed! Oh, and that pink bowl on top holds K-cups for our Keurig!

On top here is baking, and beneath them, mostly mish-mash, I will admit. To the left of the baking cookbooks, half cut-off, is international cuisine.
International on top, and beneath that, is more decorative. There is a cute set of measuring cups from Anthropologie, and a recipe card box filled with recipes. Also, on the right side, are small cookbooks, more like pamphlet-style.
And again, from the other side. You can see on the right, where I have jars of pasta and an old dish, a bowl filled with more K-cups, and beneath that, a pastry blender.
These are a few of my favorite cookbooks, ones that get used a bit more than some of the others. See the cookbook by The Pioneer Woman on the bottom left? It's signed by her, and I met her once, but that's a story for another day  :)
I really do love to cook, and I love having beautiful cookbooks in my kitchen. They inspire me to try new ideas, things I may not have tried otherwise. I think it is so important to test your own skills and try something that you may not have otherwise. How else will I ever become a Top Chelf, if I don't experiment in the kitchen?  ;)
Despite this large number of cookbooks, I can't help but buy more! If you are ever in a bookstore with me, and lose me somehow, there is a good chance you will find me in either the cookbook section or the crafty section! I love new cookbooks coming out, and I love looking through them, seeing the photos of the finished product.
With the new creation of pinterest, I find myself pinning a lot of recipes there too, and printing them out to try sometime. Those loose print-outs are usually in a file folder on one of the shelves, or stuck in a cookbook somewhere.
What about you? Do you have and use a lot of cookbooks? Or do you use a recipe card box to file your recipes? Is my cookbook collection a bit obscene? Should I get rid of some of them? Anything you want me to post about for the next Tasty Tuesday?!   

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