Sunday, October 7, 2012

An Earring Story

 When Huan Mei walked into the office to show me some of the latest samples, my eyes were immediately drawn to her ears. Why? Well, because I saw the stunning flower-design that she makes in the form of earrings.

I turned giddy.

"Huan Mei!" I said, "we could sell those too! Could we? May I take a picture of them?" She graciously agreed and proudly told me, "I made a lot of these last night for my husband to take into the city." The earrings are, of course, harder to make than the rings (which is why they cost more) but they are SO cute and classy and the rose-design is almost vintage... yet the wire is modern. 

"Can you do these in other colors?" I asked. "Of course!" Huan Mei said, "tell me which color you want and I'll make them." 

And that's exactly what YOU can do to. Because Huan Mei and Lao Yan's new, personal product line is now on the website. 

I can't wait to tell Huan Mei...

Ni Hao Yall


  1. So simple. Understated and elegant.

  2. Lovely roses!! And she is a lovely lady as well. :)