Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Montage: Patalier - Vintage Fabrics & Sewing Supplies

Several months ago, I decided that I wanted to make a wreath of vintage spools for my mother. Actually, it was a Christmas gift, so it was nearly a year ago now! I have been really into making wreaths lately, and since I got my love of sewing from my mother, I thought this would be an appropriate gift for her! I knew that etsy would be the best place to find vintage spools of thread, and of course, I was right!
I found a lovely shop called Patalier- specializing in vintage sewing supplies, along with finished items as well! I found just what I needed, and was able to make this spool wreath, which my mother LOVES and has hanging in her sewing room--- 

The spools are sold in bags and come in a variety of both sizes and colors, which makes it so much fun to go through and see each of them. None are the same at all, which I just love!

Vintage buttons! Think of the fun things that you could make! 


Patricia is also a talented seamstress. Just look at this yo-yo quilt she's made! I've made a bunch of these little yo-yos, but never attempted something like this! Maybe someday?


Aren't these lovely? I know that I need to go back for more of the vintage spools- I want to make a wreath for myself, for my sewing room! If you are a vintage lover, and need sewing supplies, go check out Patalier - I know you'll love this etsy shop!

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  1. Such beautiful material! I just love the heart and mission behind what you are doing. And such lovely products! I love all of them! I am excited to order an apron!