Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Snapshot: Meet Deng Jie

I'd like to invite you all into Deng Jie's home...

Pardon the vines, and come into the open door. Deng Jie is probably in the back room, her sewing machine humming away, creating something lovely. She'll come out as soon as she hears that you have arrived. And tell you that of course you haven't bothered her, she's happy to see your new ideas, and hear the latest Scarlet Threads plans.

There's a good likelihood that Deng's husband is also in the room, helping her with whatever she's busy with at the moment. He puts buttons on, hems and pulls seams. They work as a team when he's not out driving or working and really seem to have a great relationship.

Deng and her husband have two children, one is grown and their young son goes to school nearby. In the last  year, Deng Jie became a grandma! She looks after her little granddaughter on occasion, and the other day when I was at Deng's, her granddaughter was taking an afternoon nap... check out the little quilt that she's sleeping under! Recognize the fabrics? 

Deng is amazing at shopping for fabric. She can get the best deals and knows just how much fabric to buy to make the aprons in our shop. 

And then, after buying pounds upon pounds of fabric (which her husband kindly helps to carry when he joins us on the fabric trips), Deng sorts it and it sits in her home in piles... lovely, lovely piles. 

As Deng gets to work on making aprons, there is a continual pile of scraps in the corner. 

...but the final product of all of this mess is pure loveliness!

One of the other things that Deng Jie does during the day is breed little bunny rabbits. She has a few older males and females and lots and lots of little babies who she sells when they get big enough.

 Aren't the babies adorable?

Oh, and did ya'll know that Deng Jie and Huan Mei are next door neighbors? Beautiful ladies, indeed.

Have a happy Sunday and don't forget to stop by the shop and pick up some of Deng Jie or Huan Mei's lovely creations. They would make amazing Christmas gifts, wouldn't they?!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. yes, shopping in the fabric markets in China is an adventure!

  2. Love your photos! :) Thank you so much for sharing! I can't wait to see you at the simple things two year anniversary party this weekend!! :) Rebecca