Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The heart of Scarlet Threads will always be so closely tied to orphans... after all, that's what first took us to China.  During our nearly 4 years in China, we met literally hundreds of children like this little one... waiting for a family.

I hope this baby is no longer waiting... I like to think of him as a busy little toddler, getting underfoot as his mama prepares breakfast.  I like to think of him riding on his daddy's shoulders... those soulful eyes memorizing the face of his mama as she rocks him to sleep.  I will never know where he is today, but I pray he isn't still waiting.

Scarlet Threads is so excited to announce the launch of two new initiatives that tie our heart for adoption and orphans a bit more tightly to the mission of Scarlet Threads.  We are selling Scarlet Scraps products and 100% of the proceeds will go to adoption grants, and we are partnering with adoptive families who want to sell aprons to fundraise for an adoption.

We hope that both initiatives result in a few more children home and a few less children waiting...


  1. love this idea!! may everyone involved be blessed and prosper! <><

  2. That's a great idea :) and the SS products are really nice too, was the second one photo-ed on the foster home door?