Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bringing Business Home

Thanks to Christina for guest-blogging today! Christina is one of our very first home business partners! You can learn more about this opportunity to partner with Scarlet Threads to earn a little extra cash or to raise money for your adoption or mission trip, but only after you read about her experience.  (And believe me, you wanna read... because there's a Thrifty Thursday special hidden down at the bottom.)

One evening while aimlessly thumbing through FaceBook posts, something caught my eye…. it was a link to Scarlet Threads' adoption fundraising site. After reading the first few lines, I was determined to become part of this amazing mission even if it was just to spread the word about it. Finally! The sale of products that are based on core values that I could really stand behind: profit-sharing, fair trade….not to mention the products were ever so charming!

So, I took the not so difficult leap and emailed Carrie. She made the process so easy. I ordered my first wholesale kit, which was a mixture of colorfully chic aprons. I anxiously awaited their arrival. But I began wondering if I really had what it took to sell the products and foster enough interest to keep the Scarlet Threads mission going. After all, its not just about the sale of the products, its about adequately telling the story of Scarlet Threads so that people feel invested…. invested in helping Huan Mei and her family, and all the other women whose talents need to be showcased in a fair trade way.

The aprons arrived! I was so excited! I quickly made a flyer featuring the aprons I had received along with a brief explanation of Scarlet Threads mission and values…. emailed the flyer to a few friends, and well I had sold all of the aprons within two days! I began receiving responses from multiple friends and family members commenting on the beauty of purchasing from a company with such an admirable mission. Within days I was making my second order…. each day I have more emails and calls from friends who are interested in earrings, totes, ornaments. I am so excited to be helping in a small way…. and I am making a small profit as well. What a better way to earn a little extra cash than to help seamstresses and artists who may not otherwise get to showcase their products in a fair way.

I am not sure what my next step will be in this mission, but I am really enjoying it thus far. I look forward to my continued, albeit small partnership with Scarlet Threads.


We're looking forward to our continued partnership with you, too, Christina!  And we don't think it is all that small, actually.  Each product you sell is connected to the woman who made it... and for her, that's no small matter.  And what if we had 10 women just like you who decided to earn a little extra cash this way?  What if it were 100?  Suddenly you wouldn't be part of a small partnership; you'd be our biggest wholesale customer. 

And we'd be well on our way to changing the world.

Interested in getting involved this way?  E-mail and chat with her!  Since it is Thrifty Thursday, mention this blog post to her and you'll get free shipping on your first kit!  We started this as a fundraising program for people adopting, but we're open to you partnering with us if you're just looking for a small home-based business opportunity or to raise funds for your favorite charity or whatever! 

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