Friday, November 9, 2012

Fantabulous Friday: Holiday Cookie Swaps!

I'm still not sure how it has happened that there are less than two weeks until Thanksgiving! Once December comes, it seems that it is just a sprint to Christmas, right? Nontheless, I love this time of year. I adore cold weather and turtleneck sweaters, boots and snowflakes, and just about everything that comes along with it all. 

I have such fond memories of holidays with my family growing up. One of my favorite things, from when I was elementary age, is when my mother would attend cookie swaps! I don't know who organized them, or which friend hosted, but I do remember that she would bake about a zillion cookies. For real. I think she had to bring about 20 plates of a dozen or so cookies each, and then they'd all get together somewhere, and later, come home with 20 plates of all different cookies. My nine-year old self thought this was the most amazing thing ever. I know that Santa must have loved it too- so many options for him to choose from when he stopped at our house Christmas Eve! 

A few years ago, a friend and I decided to organize our own cookie swap, and it's been one of my favorite traditions since then. Of course, most of us don't have children yet, and the few who do, they are very young and don't need a lot of cookies, so we cut down the requirements, and asked people to just bring a dozen or so cookies instead! We let people know about the party via evite, and each year, we've written a little poem! 

This year's poem---

It's time again for a cookie swap!
It's such a fun tradition that we definitely won't stop!

Lots of snacks and cider to drink-
We'll surely have that, in glasses to clink!

Please bring yourself and an ornament for the tree.
We'll swap these too- something new and lovely to see!

It's good friends and fun that make these days brighter
so let's hope the cookies don't make our pants tighter!

Hope to see you as these days get cold

It's fun to celebrate with good friends new and old!

I should have been a poet, eh? :)  

This year, I added a new element, by asking people to bring an ornament to swap too. I thought that would be a great new bit of fun. We have lots of snacks, there is Christmas music playing in the background, and our Christmas tree is up and decorated! 

Most importantly, the cookies are amazing. 

See for yourself! 



I am not sure why I have no photos from 2010. Hmmmm. 

This year's cookie swap is scheduled for December 8, and I can't wait! 

My friend Christine, who came up with this idea with me in 2009, will be here! She was married two years ago, and moved to New York, and couldn't attend last year, but she will be here for this swap, and I couldn't be more excited to see her - and her baby bump - she's expecting a baby in February! Hooray! Babies! 

I'm so grateful to have such good friends, and I love that they enjoy this new tradition as much as I do! I hope that this will be a long-standing thing that friends do each year. It's so important to take time to come together and celebrate, especially when things get so busy. 

What are your favorite holiday traditions? 

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