Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Montage: Fair Hands Exchange

Today's Monday Montage is a new company called Fair Hands Exchange, an online boutique dedicated to Fair Trade principles. 

Founder Lindsey Parsons took an extended trip to Turkey after graduating from college and did plenty of shopping for Turkish handicrafts.  When she brought all her goodies back home, she realized just how unique they are and decided that these artisans had to get their items to the States.  She knew what an impact a partnership in the U.S. could make on the struggling artisans she saw.  Seven months later she was back in Turkey searching for talented artisans to partner with.  She focused on disadvantaged artisans, especially women who would not otherwise have a job.  

Fair Hands opened for business less than two months ago, offering many beautiful and unique Fair Trade gifts from Turkey including scarf/wrap necklaces, hand-woven Turkish towels, silk and gemstone bracelets, and clutch handbags made out of "upcycled" wrappers from soup mixes, ice-cream bars, water bottles, etc.  

The best part? You can be sure the artisans who made the items were paid a fair price. You can read more about the artisans they work with here

Lindsey explains, "Fair Hands acts as a bridge- through Fair Hands I support disadvantaged artisans in expanding their market to the U.S. so they can earn a more regular income and receive fair prices, and I help U.S. customers find unique, handmade items that are made and sourced in a socially and environmentally responsible way.  Fair Hands was born out of my passion for cultural understanding, travel and my eagerness to make this world a better place."

Today we are featuring the Turkish Bath Gift sets! They come in two sizes, small and large. The large includes a bath towel, and the small comes with a hand towel!  Wrapped inside the towel is a body-exfoliating mitt and a bar of handmade castile soap (in either Coffee&Cinnamon or Rose).  These Bath Gift sets make excellent holiday presents for friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc.  The towels are beautiful and soft and very unique.  It is also festive looking because of the red and white colors.  Turks have been using this style of towel for hundreds of years in Turkish Baths/spas.  

Lindsey also shared this photo of a charmed wrap necklace. I love this! From the website- 

The art of oya (Turkish lace/tatting) is thought to date back to the 8th century B.C. and has been passed on from mother to daughter for generations.  Either a straight needle or a small crochet hook is used to create loops and knots in thread, creating patterns (traditionally flowers). This necklace is a product of advanced skill and many hours of meticulous work.

A lace candle holder, also made in the traditional Turkish crochet method. 

These would make lovely holiday gifts, don't you think? The lace candle holder would be a wonderful hostess gift, I think! Lindsey is graciously offering our readers a 10% off coupon good from Nov 19- Nov 26.  The coupon code will be ScarletThreads. 

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