Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Montage: The Holiday Edition

I don't know about you, but I'm having a hard time accepting that November is already here! The next several weeks will just fly by, I know it. My sister is getting married Thanksgiving weekend, and right after that, it's December, and then bam, holidays. Just this morning I sent out invitations for my 4th Annual Holiday Cookie Swap, a fun tradition that a friend and I began a few years ago!
I try to start with holiday shopping early, but it never fails that I wait until mid-December to really get going. With this year being so crazy, I will try to get a good handle on things early. I like to do a lot of local buying, and I love buying handmade. One of my best go-to places is etsy. You can really find something for everyone on your list on etsy. Today, I thought I'd share a few of my recent favorite items I've seen on etsy.
I am IN LOVE with this bubble necklace! It isn't the more traditional bubble necklace- you know, the ones that have been everywhere lately. I love the odd shapes and various colors. This could be great with a white button down and jeans, or more dresses up for a night out!

How sweet is this fruit bowl? It has a bit of a Scandinavian vibe to it, and would give a nice punch of color to any kitchen. Maybe all red apples, or all yellow bananas for more of a monochrome look? Or a mix, like as shown? I love fruit about you?  

I actually purchased this print several months ago! I adore it. I saw it on someone's blog and knew that I needed it. I'm a big tea drinker, and it was just perfect. I am still in need of a frame, but I think it will be just darling in my kitchen! Or, my sewing room. Hmmmm.

How fun are these little wallets? They have so many different cities you can choose from. I found they had my boyfriend's hometown, so I bought him one last year as a little stocking stuffer.

The House That Built Me cuff bracelet. This will show the longitude and latitude of any cities- where you were born, grew up, married, etc. This is such a lovely idea. I'd like one for me, but I can't decide which cities to use though- hometown, college town and current town? Or Luxembourg City and Krakow, two cities where I studied abroad? It could be a nice gift for a new mother- use the coordinates for the city her baby was born in? Where they were married and now live? Regardless, these are perfect. Love it.

These leg warmers look like the coziest things I have ever seen! You could wear them under boots, with the cute lace poking out the top, or over leggings, with a slouchy sweater when lounging around the house! So sweet looking, and they come in several colors!

As I mentioned before, I am an avid tea drinker, and I LOVE the idea of these teacup cuff bracelets! I have no idea how they're made, but they are made from actual teacups! I know several people that would love to find one of these in their Christmas stockings.

A customized rubber address stamp! This would be a perfect gift for newlyweds. Perhaps I should order one for my sister and her soon-to-be husband??? You can choose the state they live in, and in their case, it's Massachusetts! I love these. I write a lot of letters and send a lot of cards, and buying address labels can get expensive, so a stamp is a great alternative to that.

Also remember that our shop has lots of great ideas for gifts for the ones you love! Our new wired hearts collection makes for perfect stocking stuffers!
What about you? Have you started with your holiday shopping yet?

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