Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Name a Xiao Apron Giveaway!

This is our last Apron that needs a name. This beautiful panda fabric is so fun and whimsical and a definite nod to its Chinese origin. Available in Xiao, children's size.

It's the ST tradition to select the product name from community submissions. We have three aprons in need of names and this is the final one. You can still vote on the name of the other two and increase your chances of winning. To submit a name simply leave a comment or you can vote on out Facebook Page. The winners of the individual naming contests will receive a 50% off coupon for use on one purchase in our shop.

The Grand Prize winner will receive a Daphne Apron!

Winners will be announced on Friday the 23rd of November so get busy and be creative.


  1. Su Lin (a little bit of something very cute)

  2. Ling Ling...that was the name of one of the Giant Pandas that China gave to the US as a gift after. What better name than the gift of a panda apron made from the talented semstress in China!

  3. I like what Charmon Allen submitted for this apron!

    A distant second place name could be Periwinkle Panda.

    This is a beautiful apron!

  4. Hua Mei. It is the name of a baby panda born at the San Diego Zoo that now resides in China. :-)

  5. Panda Party

    I'm thinking using Chinese words may be too hard for little girls to write on their Christmas lists! :)

  6. This makes me think of my little sister. So I pick "Reese".