Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Snapshot: Mei's Double Happiness

Introducing... Mei's Double Happiness, one of the aprons in our newest batch! When Carrie gave me her suggestion for the name I fell in love again. It's just perfect. Mei, which means "beautiful" is part of Huan Mei's name, and being that the apron is reversible and cheery, "Double Happiness" fits it beautifully.

Watching Huan Mei model the apron was such fun. She is so photogenic and has the cutest personality... can't you tell? 

One side of Mei is a very Asian pattern with purple and pink flowers on a red background. It makes me think of holidays.

Mei's other side is even more festive. Gold fans, red flowers and green leaves again the midnight blue background. When were were at the fabric market last month, this fabric just sat there and screamed "Chinese New Year!" at me. How could I resist?

Each side of the reversible apron has a ruffle at the top...

...and at the bottom.

If you've got China on your heart, Christmas on your mind or just love to be happy, this apron is the perfect compliment. Now, if only we could find a recipe for moon-cakes...

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  1. Your photos are beautiful Hannah and I just love how they always tell a story! Thank you for linking up with the simple things this week! :)