Friday, December 21, 2012

Family Friday: My New Christmas Tradition

Even though we've had the opportunity to travel a bit, we've always made it home for Christmas.  But not this year, this year will be the our first away from home.  My husband claims to be 'not a gift person', but I know better than that, so I decided this year would be a good year to start a new tradition with him.

I got the idea here, and it's a twist on the Twelve Days of Christmas.  The blogger suggests focusing on the number instead of the song (so nothing to do with Lord's a Leaping or Maids a Milking). For example, one First Day of Christmas give one item; on the second day give something that comes in pairs, and so on.

I like this idea for tons of reasons, but I mainly love it for all the creativity involved - and anyone who truly loves getting and giving gifts knows that it really is the thought that counts.

For me and mine, I added a little more of a twist, I didn't take the number thing so literal and focused on playing off the number.

Here is the list of things that I'm giving my husband this Christmas, hopefully, it'll give you ideas for a new tradition with your loved ones.

1st Day of Christmas: a hat
2nd Day of Christmas: a pair of sunglasses
 3rd Day of Christmas: a picture of his three girls (me and our two daughters)
This wonderful photo was taken by our lovely Hannah; Thanks again Hannah!
4th Day of Christmas: Christmas Sugar Cookies given to him at work at 4 o'clock for his coffee break
5th Day of Christmas: A 5th of his favorite alcohol. (Note: one thing I learned was what "A 5th" is, and for others who don't know, it's a 750ml bottle of alcohol, which is 1/5 of a gallon; there, now you learned something new today!)
6th Day of Christmas: a six pack of his favorite beverage
7th Day of Christmas: his favorite breakfast at 7 a.m.
8th Day of Christmas: a homemade CD of 8 Great songs from the Eighties.
9th Day of Christmas: an organizer for his 9 a.m. meetings
10th Day of Christmas: 10, 10 minute massage coupons give by me
11th Day of Christmas: 11 cards with 11 reasons I love him, delivered throughout the day
12th Day of Christmas: a watch

Happy Holidays to all!

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