Saturday, December 1, 2012

Freestyling Friday: Christmas hopes dreams and inspirations

Tonight, in the last moments of November I find myself oddly nostalgic. Perhaps it is due to the passing of the years, my sisters engagement, or maybe it's just that the holidays lend themselves to nostalgia- who knows. Whatever the reason I find myself on Pintrest pinning all the baking, crafting,and decorating projects that I see myself doing (in my ST apron and pearls of course!) in December.

Here's a peak into what pintrest thinks I am capable of doing this year:        
 flawlessly decorating my house          creating a hanging ornament chandelier


remembering to have Santa send my daughter a Christmas book to read and learn all about Christmas with

Cute idea for Christmas card...
PLUS somehow getting my child to stay still long enough to capture a cute memory like this one

Honestly none of that may happen- at least not the way these images make it look. But what will happen in my house is the food! 

                  Christmas cookies....

mascarpone raspberry trifle....               cute picture gonna have to do with the kids

These baked items I will be making wearing one of my lovely Scarlet Thread aprons, laughing up a storm with my family, most likely heavily dusted with flour/sugar/ nutmeg due to some kitchen mishap. While the last photo in this inspiration board is how I imagine my daughter will be acting alot of this season : as unofficial, but cute, taste tester.

In essence I'll be creating my own new traditions and memories this holiday season, when ST plays a rather big part in it. How about you- what are your plans this holiday? Will we be part of your new traditions too?

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