Friday, January 25, 2013

Fantabulous Friday: A 2-fer Sale for You!

We are about to launch some new aprons! Are you as excited as I am? These happen to be some of my very favorite pieces that Scarlet Threads has ever produced. It helps that this was my first opportunity to assist in the fabric selection at the market in China. But, then again, Lexi wasn't able to make it this year and these are her favorites as well.

The closet at Carrie's house is getting a little full now that the new inventory has arrived. (See how coy I'm being?) So, we would love to ship two products instead of just one! We asked people to vote on which deal we should launch this week and it was a tie. The only equitable way to resolve this, is to give you a choice when you purchase!

We are pairing one reversible apron ($34) with one half apron ($22) for a weeklong special price of $30! That is a savings of $26!

This steal of a deal will only be available until next Thursday (or while quantities last).

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