Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Frenzy

I have been experiencing the most frenzied start of a new year that I can remember. Somehow I got so behind on everything before Christmas and it has not been easy getting caught up! I'm sure I'll get more that one "amen" there! I am beginning to rely on several new necessities for 2013 to help me put my life in a more organized, less hassled, increasingly good-looking order...

1.) "Better Homes and Gardens" 
It keeps me inspired and motivated around the house and helps me plan ahead so I don't get caught kid-May with unplanted tulip bulbs and the wrong wreath on my door. When I read a few pages with my first cup in the morning I keep a note pad handy for the constant "oh yeahs" that pop into mind.

This picture inspires me to simplify my sometimes "busy" décor.
2.) Aveda Inner Light Concealer
It hides all my unevens and blends so well with my skin! A good concealer is a must and I love this one that I've just discovered.

     2b.) Lancôme Hypnose Mascara- it's worth the money; I'm totally hooked!

3.) Power Mate iPhone Charger
I'm always unplugging my phone to make a call before it's charged and then forgetting to plug it back in. The Power Mate is half the size of a deck of cards, holds its charge forever and can fully charge my phone, even while I'm on it. Plus it's leopard print!
4.) Pavé Link Bracelet
It makes me feel "styled" even when I'm really not and goes with everything. I found a necklace on Etsy to match and bought one for me and one for my mom.

5.) Nike Pro Running Tights
We got a puppy in November so all my runs have slowed down into walks until she's a little older but I still love putting on my running tights. They are more flattering than ugly ole sweatpants (try a pair on and ask your husband if I'm right), they motivate me to exercise, they're warm, and they come in awesome colors. I also like the ones at Target and Old Navy. Sweatpants are just not good- they make you feel like a slob which isn't relaxing it's degrading and they're not that comfortable in my experience. Make the switch to running tights, that's my 2013 advice!

This is basically what I look like (ha!).
I hope your year is settling nicely and you're not feeling as frenzied as me but if you are you're not alone- Buy some running tights and cruise through it with me!! I'm sure the Spring will find us with all our ducks in a row and tulips blooming in our yards!

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