Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Montage: A Bowlful of SuperSnacks!

Perhaps you've heard that there is a big football game this weekend? SuperBowl Sunday, it seems? Now, I will admit that I am really not much of a football fan...first down, third down, what's the difference? No idea. I've never claimed to be a fan either, so I have no real loyalty to any team...though as a New Englander, I suppose I root for the Patriots by default, but looks like they were beaten two weeks ago...and now, since I live in DC, does that mean I root for the Ravens? Even though they beat the Pats? Yeah, I don't know the rules either!
In my opinion, the best part of SuperBowl Sunday is the parties people have, because that means SNACKS! I may not know football, but I know that snacks make anything better. Over the years, we've had lots of snacks featured on our blog, and I thought you might need something to bring to a party this weekend. Rather than going back through our archives, here are a few great recipes that would be a great addition to any SuperBowl party!
I made these when home with my family a while back, and they were really fun. A bit different, but we really enjoyed them! So simple. Add some cheese and/or marinara...or maybe ranch? Whatever you like would be fantastic!

Another something made at home with family, and this was really good. Unexpected, but really good! I do remember also that the recipe made A LOT! So, bring it to a big party  ;)


Everyone loves fruit pizzas, don't they? You could really use almost any fruit with these to really make it to your taste. With all of the heavy meats and dips that come at SuperBowl parties, these are always a lighter alternative!

I know, I know, this is a birthday cake....but, make it in a trifle bowl and it would be perfect. Of course, if you like the monster truck, feel free to keep it!

One of my all-time favorites! I think I will definitely be making this for the party I'm attending this weekend. Everyone loves it. 

They are a bit messy, yes, but really great! They probably don't travel well, so I think these might be best to make if you are the party hostess! 

Without the pasta, they'd be a great party snack!
My second favorite thing. Have I mentioned my red velvet obsession?  :)
Perfection. That is all.
So! Here are just a few ideas for you. We'll be tweeting other ideas throughout the week too, so if you aren't already following us on twitter, make sure you are! 
Are you attending any SuperBowl parties this weekend? Which team are you cheering for? Feel free to share recipe ideas with us, and send us a photo later...who knows, we might even post your recipe one of these days!

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