Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Montage: Tri 4 Freedom

I feel like I am running out of time - I am purposed for higher things and time is indeed slipping by at the same pace as always. The task is so daunting, isn't it? "Making a difference?"

I think adopting an "as you go" philosophy really makes it bearable. Instead of completely rearranging my life, my career, etc - I want to work the things I care about into the individual moments. My passion and heart should come through in every activity or conversation. It's kind of like St Francis - make your life a prayer.

One of those things that I love - as some of you well know - is triathlon. What's not to love? A little competition, a reason to eat a little healthier, a reason to keep my mind and body active, and - above all - the capability of eating as much ice cream as I choose without going up a dress size. Feeling as though this is a waste of time, despite the numerous advantages listed above, is one of those things with which I struggle. And then...

I discovered "Tri 4 Freedom."

I mean it's a match made in Heaven. The proof is in the mission statement:
Tri 4 Freedom is committed to raising awareness about the global extent of human exploitation and empowering survivors of human trafficking and marginalized communities by promoting fair trade in sport.

Clearly there is an opportunity to turn a leisure activity into a quest! Now, their 27 hour triathlon in Lexington, KY might be a bit out of my league. But, I could do something simple like purchase a shirt to wear while I train.

Alternatively, they reached out to us after my blog post proposing an ST Workout Squad. It's nothing fancy, but I was just thinking that we could form a little accountability group and wear ST shirts while training or racing. And... wouldn't it be amazing if we print our design on shirts made by human trafficking survivors? And, for the eco-friend in all of us, they are organic cotton - 100%!

Yes, yes and yes!

I would love for you to take a look at the different shirt designs and let me know which one is the most appealing to you. There's a little tweaking that needs to be done on each, but, what's a little rework between friends? The important thing is to get the feel right, to strike the right chord, and to create a shirt that will appeal to you - as well as to my girlfriends who race with me.

Drum Role ... (Vote for your favorite by leaving a comment. Or, press like on the Facebook Photo Album!)

Shirt #1

Shirt # 2

Shirt # 4

Aren't they wonderful? This could be Scarlet Threads first foray into the "End Human Trafficking" space! And, we have another first coming this year. I'm just going to slip this in here at the end of this blog post to see who is paying attention. I have always dreamed of an artisan group closer to home - possibly serving a refugee community. (It's part of my "as you go" mentality.) Right now, it is an opportunity that Carrie is actively pursuing - so keep our new initiative in your prayers. I'm hoping we can share more on this very very soon! I know, I'm such a tease...

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