Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: CNY Ornaments

As most of you know, Scarlet Threads was born in China and a big chunk of each of our staff's heart is tied to that land and its people. I would venture to say that many of our readers and customers were first led to us by a similar love for the people of China (particularly those beloved orphas of New Day Foster Home).

Scarlet Threads has grown in size and scope over the past few years, but we have never forgotten the reason that we started this little company, the reason that Jacob and Carrie traveled to China in the first place.
With Chinese New Year almost upon us, we want to celebrate ST's Chinese heritage with a limited edition "Celebration" of CNY Ornaments!

The are intended to be wall hangings and have little silver hangers for that purpose! But, be creative in your displays!

The incredible demand for our Wired Hearts Christmas Ornaments this year showed us that we stumbled onto something truly amazing! The wonderfully talented Huan Mei and Lao Yen created a product that flew off the proverbial shelves faster than they could make them.

We have several sets to choose from on the Scarlet Threads Facebook page. And, all you need to do to purchase is leave a comment! Carrie will contact you with payment options.

Or, if it is easier, just leave a comment here with which set you would like to bring home!

The profits will benefit both the New Day Foster Home
and our own Adoption Grant Fund.

Everything is ready for immediate shipment, but a word to the wise we only created one or two sets of each! I've shown some of my favorites below, but the Facebook Photo Album has several more!

"Congratulations on Getting Rich"
"Get along well for hundreds of years"

"Have a Fish Every Year!"

"Let it be as lucky and auspicious as you wish" er... "Hope it Goes Well"

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