Friday, February 15, 2013

Frenchie Style

Among other things, I collect books about style, style icons and designers. For my birthday a few months ago, I got "Parisian Chic" by Ines de la Fressange and I love it! "Parisian Chic" is a guide to dressing like a Parisian and understanding their confident and effortless style. The book is really funny, fairly practical and full of amazing photos of the beautiful Ines de la Fressange.

(For those of you who are unfamiliar with Ines she is France's style icon, supermodel and muse to Karl Lagerfield, among other amazing things.)
It's full of the cute and comical little drawings
The book opens with a six-point guide on dressing with French style:
1. "Outfits are out"- You don't have to coordinate every thing and probably shouldn't.
2. "Bye-bye bling"- Good taste is more important than logos and glitter. Dress simply and you'll look rich. (it's hard for me to leave the glitter behind!)
3. "Explore"- Don't be afraid to try new labels and mix high with low. Trends are great in small doses.
4. "If it feels good, wear it"- Don't be a slave to style for the sake of the style. If something feels too tight, high or short- leave it at home or better yet- donate it!
5. "Worship no idols"- Amen! Don't follow one designer or icon religiously. Be yourself!
6. "Beware of good taste"- Rules of good taste aren't always to be followed. Navy and black together- sure thing! White year round- you bet!

My favorite tip was to always pair something loose with something tight. After thinking about this and guide-point 4 I began wearing my skinny jeans (which I LOVE) with short tunic style tops that are loose and easy. The combination, along with a pair of Saludos flats is heavenly. I have worn this A LOT lately.

I highly recommend this book. I didn't adopt every tip or suggestion from the book but it gave me new perspective on dressing with style but still staying true to myself and my life.


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