Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Montage: The Seed Basket

Yesterday, we introduced you to Baby Sarah, Ibu Maria, and the folks at The Seed Basket.  Today, we wanted to help you get to know The Seed Basket.

What exactly is The Seed Basket? 
The Seed Basket is a 501(c)3 non-profit that empowers impoverished communities in Southeast Asia through training and technology sharing.  We focus mainly on training versus handouts because the families we work with in Southeast Asia want to change their own lives with dignity.  Often they just lack the tools and know-how to escape poverty.  Our main focus is launching small businesses, health development and sustainable agriculture.
Community Health Worker Training 2012

Who all is involved?
We are families, communities, church groups, and social clubs in North America and Southeast Asia that support each other through resource-sharing.  We collect training and technology "seeds" in North America and share them with needy families and communities in Southeast Asia.  
Fish Farming project on rural island
How did it come about?
One family from the US moved to Southeast Asia and lived alongside an impoverished community, and realized this community's passion for change was only hindered by their lack of training and technology.  This family decided to do something about it and founded The Seed Basket in 2011.  Since that time The Seed Basket has grown, connecting groups around the world who are passionate about helping others in need.  
Free Health Clinic
What are your short and long term goals for The Seed Basket?
Our short-term goals are to provide sustainable income for our current partner families through 2013, expand current business ventures in handicrafts, coffee roasting, community greenhouses, and community health outreach.   Long term we aim to foster self-replicating business models and community health programs that have multiplication in their DNA and make a real difference in the quality of living in the families and communities we serve.
Children at partner orphanages

Can people get involved?  If so, how?
People can buy products made by our partner families, and they can advocate for the communities we work with.  Visit our website and tell a friend!

Is there anything else you'd like to say?  
Thanks to Scarlet Threads for their passionate advocacy of our outreach and so many other grassroots groups like us! 

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