Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spring Naming Contest & Giveaway!

Hip Hip Hooray! We've been talking for weeks about the aprons that we created on our recent trip to China and we are finally ready for the big reveal. And, in addition to the big reveal we have another surprise. We're giving away an apron, too! This apron - the sweet Ella Grace.

Ella Grace (reg. $26)
For those of you who are new to the ST Blog, we are a small fair trade company seeking to employ talented artisans in rural communities and bring their products to new markets. Visit our website for more details or click here to meet our seamstress!

As always, we are holding a naming contest for each of the three new styles. Please suggest a name in a comment on the blog or on our Facebook page. We'll even accept names sent in via Twitter. So, feel free to tweet it out!

Last year we gave an apron away to one of the selected Namers. But, this year we are going to host a Rafflecopter giveaway to allow everyone additional ways to win!

Suggest a name for EACH of the 3 new aprons.
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The three Namers will each receive a 50% off coupon for use in our shop. And, they will receive 10 bonus entries for the Apron Giveaway.

Winners will be announced on Thursday 2/14!

Drum Roll Please. It is time for the big reveal!
Apron No. 1: Bold blue floral and yellow panels. A bit of vintage, a whole bunch of fun!
Apron No. 2: Color Block. It is all the rage and the pleats and accents add to the visual appeal!
Apron No. 3: We have heard your clamor for a ruffled apron. And, we delivered a beauty!

We are also offering a special coupon code to all of our readers! The coupon expires on 2/14 - so don't wait too long to take advantage!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Those are seriously gorgeous!

  2. Apron1 - Bailey Blue
    Apron 2- Emma Joy
    Apron 3-Anastasia
    Love the ruffles!

  3. 1-Callie Belle
    3-Frilly Fannie

  4. #1 Lulu
    #2 Zora
    #3 Camille

    Love the ruffles and colors of #3!!

  5. 1. (Skip to my) Lou
    2. Zelda (as in FitzGerald, not the video game)
    3. ZsaZsa

  6. 1. Flo - short for all the florals! Love the flowers!
    2. Bridget (after my niece who, like the apron, likes to make a bold statement)
    3. Olivia (after my Chinese daughter that I'm waiting to bring home!) - this apron looks fun and spunky...just like her!

  7. 1. Lucille
    2. Madge
    3. Della Mae

  8. #1. Tassie (Teal Tassie or Tassie Teal)
    #2. Violet
    #3. Taffy (The colors remind me of taffy)

  9. 1.Sasha

    Desiree Dunbar

  10. 1. Sunshine 2. paintbox 3. ruffles

  11. 1. Lillian 2. Elise 3. Amelia

  12. I thought I would go with the era the aprons reminded me of:
    1)Betty (40's)
    2)Heather (80's)