Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Snapshot: The Story Behind the Batik Cards

It starts with baby Sarah and the folks at The Seed Basket.  When baby Sarah was brought to the people at The Seed Basket, she was in respiratory failure; they were told that she wouldn’t last another 24 hours. 
Baby Sarah and Ibu Maria, the day she was brought into The Seed Basket free clinic
 Being people of faith, they began to pray.  Sarah was hospitalized, but the doctors didn’t believe it would help; her lungs had already begun to fail.

Miraculously, baby Sarah did survive the day

Baby Sarah with Carree Stewart from The Seed Basket
 and the next and the next. 

Almost a year later, baby Sarah is a beautiful one year old who is recovering well!

1st Birthday!

Yummy cake!

Sarah’s foster mother, Maria, adopted baby Sarah, but immediately ran into problems caring for a recovering Sarah, paying the medical bills, and providing for her family. Again, the generous people at The Seed Basket sought a way to help.  Maria needed a way to earn money while also being able to stay home and care for Sarah and her other children. 

That is when the card idea was born.  The Seed Basket offered to buy the beautifully handmade cards from Maria at a wage that would allow her to pay her bills and provide for her family – all from home.  
The Seed Basket began selling the cards to their friends and family, but in order for it to become a sustainable enterprise, they needed outlets in which to sell the cards.  About that time, in walked Scarlet Threads, and it was a perfect match.  

Beginning March 1st, we will be offering these handmade by Ibu (which is Indonesian for Mama)
Maria Batik cards on our website.

Also, if your interested in knowing more about the wonderful folks at The Seed Basket come back for tomorrow’s Monday Montage where they’ll be featured, and you can learn more about who they are, and all the projects they have going on here in Indonesia.

'Til then, Cheers! 

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