Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Montage: a weekend in photos

Well, it seems that Monday is here again, eh? It always seems to sneak up so quickly! I also woke up to snow in DC, which was lovely, despite it being the end of March (already?!). On Saturday, I did some grocery shopping and brought home a few bunches of daffodils. They sure do brighten things up, I think. 

On Sunday, I drove to the suburbs of Philadephia to do a little quilt shop hop with a friend. We found the most delightful bakery for breakfast. We chatted with the owner, a charming Frenchman about his shop, and he brought us each a raspberry macaron to try! Then, my breakfast came with a croissant. I love the plate too. 

We managed to visit four shops in the afternoon, and I saw this on the wall in one of them, our last stop of the day. I just love it, and might want to make one someday. 

We're so glad to call you a friend. 

How was your weekend? Any photos? 

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