Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Montage: Weird Foods with Lexi

I saw these snack-sized bags at CVS last week. I almost bought all three, but didn't.  Confession; I tend to like weird flavored chips, I will admit, but I'm not too sure about these!  

Has anyone seen these in your local grocery store or drug store? Have you tried any of them? Were they good? What is the weirdest chip flavor you've ever had? What did you think? Should I try these? 

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  1. The Czech Republic is like the 31 flavours of chips. You can get anything. I LOVE paprika chips (sort of like our version of bbq chips, but not really...that's just the closest I can get). I've had kebab flavored ones...literally there are many dozen flavors even in small can't find multiple choices in most things there, but chips aplenty! :-)

    My best friend and her husband fell in love over a discussion that began with potato chips. Ha ha. We were in a train station waiting for the rest of the missions team coming to join us, and we pulled paprika chips out of our bag (because I got her hooked on them!) and he was shocked we didn't have that flavour (or most of their others!) and he asked what flavor she liked best in the States. She said "ranch" - he looked at her and was like what? Farm flavoured chips?! Why would people eat those? What would that even taste like! Ha! So then she was trying to explain ranch. Now he's married to her, and I supply them with ranch dressing packets to dip their chips in since sending ranch flavoured chips just doesn't work so well. ha ha.

    I'd try the cheesy garlic bread. The one would probably be too zippy for me. Chicken and waffles isn't something that exists (on menus) really on the west coast. I've seen people in the south talk about it, and on blogs, and it seems to be very beloved, but it doesn't computer in my head. But for the first time I DID just see it on a menu a few weeks ago - though not somewhere I've been, and there are so many things there I'd like to try, I'm not sure that'd be as high on my list. But I'd try the chips just 'cause!

    Will you give your take on them if you try them?! I think (from commercials) that they are out short-term for people to vote on the most popular flavour - so it'll be interesting to see what "works" or if it's regional. Like I said, out west, the chicken and waffles I can't see flying much, but the spicy one would since it's used on a lot of foods out I'm curious how the decision on what chip type "wins" will really be made! Ha!

    I'll have to look at my CVS and maybe try them just for fun. I always love that in Czech since my friend's husband is always trying to get me to try the latest flavours. As long as he doesn't try to get me to eat "carp" flavoured ones since that's big there at Christmas. Ha!