Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Oreo Truffle Stuffed Cupcakes!

Yes friends, you read that right! Oreo truffle stuffed cupcakes! My sister sent me this recipe, and while I have not tried them myself yet, she assures me that they're wonderful! She also took them to work with her, and I'm positive that they were well received by her coworkers also. Everyone loves baked goods at work, right?
Oreo Truffle Stuffed Cupcakes:

- 1 package Oreo cookies, crushed
- 1 package cream cheese

-combine cookie crumbles with cream cheese with a spoon,
but you'll need to mix and squish with your hands!
- roll into roughly one-inch balls
- place on cookie sheet and pop into freezer for 30ish minutes

- prepare yellow cake mix, as directed on the box
- take frozen truffles out of freezer and place one ball per cupcake slot in cupcake tin
- fill about 3/4 the way full of batter
- bake cupcakes as directed on box (normally 375* for 20-25 minutes)

- crush up one sleeve of Oreos
- combine two sticks of softened butter and about 7 cups of powdered sugar in deep bowl (gradually add sugar)
- add 1tsp vanilla extract, if desired
--- mix with electric mixer to desired consistency- be aware sugar may fly out if bowl is too shallow :)
- add crushed up Oreo's and mix with electric mixer until cookies are thoroughly mixed with frosting

- once cupcakes are out of the oven and cooled, frost with oreo frosting!

 Recipe makes 24 cupcakes (and I had extra truffles and a bit of frosting left- yum!!)
Hmmmm, pretty sure I need to try making these soon!
Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Bethany!
Please let us know if you try this recipe (or any other that we've shared!). Anything baking in your kitchen this week?

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