Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Baby Bliss - $20

We have so many exciting projects in the works over here at Scarlet Threads. One of my favorite new endeavors is involving local (read from the US) talented seamstresses (and quilters) - like my own mother - in our fair trade mission. Product development is difficult to achieve across oceans given the long lag time between revisions, tactile sensory under-load, and other challenges. In response to the challenges, we've started product development with my mother (among others) and we will be posting the new products on Scarlet Scraps.

Joanzie, which is what I affectionately call my sweet mommy, is an extremely talented quilter and is the author behind Sew, Joan, Sew! (her rather irregular blogging effort - she is oft sidetracked by sewing projects... imagine that!). For the past few years she has been one of ST's chief cheerleaders and we've recently found a way to put her eye for fabric pairings and fastidious attention to detail to good use for the cause. Because we are very proud to be a fair trade business, we compensate her for her labor of love in accordance to our principles. Our own commitment is that the proceeds of the sale go to our Adoption Grant Fund, which gave its first distribution to a very deserving family earlier this year.

The linkage to every aspect of Scarlet Threads mission statement amazes me! We are connecting women and families across the globe...
by bringing the goods of talented artisans to new markets
by empowering a woman to develop new product ideas for our fair trade business
and by ensuring the proceeds bring a child home to his or her forever family.

Baby Changing Pad - $20
The first thing that Joanzie has created for us is this adorable changing pad. The dimensions are 17 X 32 inches. The entire pad is machine quilted by Joan's expert hand. And the applique giraffe might be the best part of the piece.

We will decide whether to put this item into production based on your responses! So, leave us a comment or place an order on the website or by emailing to purchase via PayPal.

As always, because the proceeds are going to our Scarlet Scraps Adoption Grant Fund, we will not be able to accept coupons or discounts.

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