Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Montage: A Baby Quilt Experiment

For a long time our faithful readers and customers have been clamoring for baby quilts. We haven't quite figured out how to produce them in our village and bring them to market for the right price. But, the first step in this experiment is to find out whether we have the demand!

I mentioned in a recent post that we are starting to work with women here "at home" to develop new product ideas. We pay these women for the fruits of their labor in keeping with our values and the proceeds are going to our Scarlet Scraps Adoption Grant Fund. It's our way of wrapping up our entire mission  in the product development effort.

One of the challenges of producing these abroad is that they are bulky to ship. So, we are looking into creating the toppers in our village and then having quilters here at home sandwich the quilt top, batting, and backing, and stipple and bind! Won't it be amazing to have a collaborative effort between women in China and women in America? I think it is going to bring a whole new dimension to Scarlet Threads.

We recently sold a handmade baby changing pad and we are now looking at creating a few more of these items.

Currently we are featuring a new idea - a handmade baby quilt. My own sweet mother quilted this piece with love and we will create more if this sells. The top is 100% cotton and the backing is a white super-soft flannel. The size is 26" x 40".

We are going to set the price at $65.

You can place an order on the website or place an order via paypal by emailing Eileen(at)

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