Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fierce and Free

Since meeting the women next door, we have been awestruck by the ferocity of spirit and bravery these refugees embody.  As they tell us stories of walking for weeks to safety in the dead of night and without speaking to avoid detection, we can hardly fathom the journey they've been on to reach safety here in this dusty West Texas town.

And while they are no longer in danger, life is certainly not easy.  We've seen the challenges and injustices they face in our own country... and the never-ending stream of tiresomely overwhelming little inconveniences that come up as they continue adjusting to a new culture and a new language. 

And yet they always seem to have smiles on their faces and are often the ones telling us not to worry so much.

Boy's and Men's Design*

They are strong and they are brave and they are free.  But we wanted to do something more to help make life a little easier for the Burmese refugees who have become our friends.  So we designed these tees to embody all that we see epitomized in the refugee spirit - freedom, bravery, and ferocious hope.  We are selling these t-shirts as a fundraiser.  The shirts cost $20 + $5 shipping.  Half of the proceeds will go to meet needs in our local Chin community, and the other half will be used to further develop the Chin Collection, enabling us to get our sewing project more fully off the ground.

Girl's and Women's Design*

Available in sizes 12 months to adult* sizes, they are available for pre-order now.  Please email your mailing address and sizes/style desired to chincollection@scarletthreads.org and we will send you an invoice you can pay via PayPal.  These are PREORDERS and will ship in approximately 3 weeks. 

A big thanks to Rebekah Blocher of Compelled Designs for her hand-lettering design work!

*Fine Print*
We have been advised that the toddler sizes run a bit small.  When in doubt, order up.  Kids keep growing after all!  The women's shirts are a trim fit, so also consider ordering a larger size if you prefer a less-clingy shirt.  Shirts are available in sizes: 12 months, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5/6, 7, Youth Small, Youth Medium, Youth Large, Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, and Men's XL.  Colors are approximate as these are still under production!

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