Thursday, September 5, 2013

Quiet, and Yet...

If you've been following my personal blog, you probably noticed that I'm no longer in Beijing. A few months ago my family and I moved up North to begin some new adventures. It's been exciting!

 But not being in Beijing means that I've spent much less time in the sewing room with Deng in the last few months. Hm. Could this be a problem? Is our stock going to run out and not ever be replenished?

Most certainly not! Because, in the last six months, new projects, including some incredibly adorable aprons, have been produced. Oh, you're just going to love these. As soon as our new website design is up and running you might as well do your Christmas shopping early because, well... you'll see.


And that's not all! In the last week we have been putting our heads together with some dear Chinese friends and Lao Yan and have come up with the Christmas 2013 ornament set! Eight ornaments, eight characters, eight powerful meanings.

It won't be long now... and it's going to be good!

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