Sunday, November 17, 2013

Doing Something About It

Our hearts break when we hear about the starving orphans somewhere in the world, and so we determine to do something about it.

Maybe you've done something simple yet meaningful, such as sponsoring a child? Or donated money regularly to an orphan-care organization. Maybe you've even adopted a child, or are considering doing so. All of these things are wonderful, fantastic, even.

But have you ever wanted to do something extremely tangible? If so, I'd like to introduce you to a little orphan in China who needs your help.

Talley was born with a couple of pretty serious birth defects, one which nearly cost her life. Not too many months ago Talley's lifewas miraculously saved and she received a liver transplant - something culturally unheard of here. Since that long, complicated surgery and touch-and-go recovery, Talley has been a new child. But she's still very compromised in health. Every morning Talley takes a medication that keeps her alive, but this medication is quite expensive. In fact, it costs $470 every month to pay for Talley's meds, and we don't have any sort of health care here. Each pill is paid out of pocket.

Carrie wanted to raise money for something needed and meaningful this month here at Scarlet Threads, and I suggested Talley's meds. As we raise enough money for one month, about $500USD (which is our goal) the money gets not doubled, not tripled, but quadrupled. Which means three more months of medication for a little orphan girl whose life is a miracle.


Because, being a part of an orphan's life... making a difference... miracles... they are something that we can help make happen. Why not?

Click here to make a donation.  The funds go directly to Legacy Charities, the 501c3 NDFH is registered under in the USA. That means your donation is tax-deductible and 100% of it goes to buying these medicines.

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