Monday, November 11, 2013

Our Heart Strings - Adoption & Orphan Care Blogathon

Greetings ST Community!

Did you know that November is National Adoption Month? And, did you know that Scarlet Threads (the super-power of super-chic fair trade aprons) started because of our heart for Orphan Care and Adoption? Each of us "working" for ST shares this heart and we want to make sure that this remains in the forefront of our business.

Carrie - or Super Mama as Cora refers to her - is our fearless leader. She fearlessly moved to China in 2007 to tackle orphan care head on by working at New Day Foster Home for four years. (And, started ST along the way). She comes from a family in which adoption is very important - two of her siblings are adopted - is it any wonder that she and Jacob want to adopt a child, too?

Me - Aini (so, Aini means "love you" in Chinese and incidentally, this is how Cora pronounces my name). My own precious father was an orphan adopted by his forever family 60 wonderful years ago. It was far less common, far less acceptable, and far less understood in 1953. How grateful am I for his biological mother's decision to continue this pregnancy and to give this child the option to be raised by the most loving grandparents that I could have had. I tend to think that his own innate courage finds its root somewhere back in time in a young girl in Yonkers, NY.

Lexi has a love for this cause that is demonstrated in her continual support of her "World Vision babies" and New Day Foster Home. She found us through the NDFH network, fell in love with the ST network, and she has stuck like glue! We just love her heart. And, we love the pictures of Boikobetsu wearing her Scarlet Threads tunic!

Hannah's story is similar to Carrie's in some ways. She too has a heart for orphan care and adoption, and she too comes from a family passionate about the same thing. Perhaps you are familiar with the infectious smiling girl on our website in the sweet little panda apron? That is Hannah's baby sister! It is truly a beautiful thing to see such a young person (yes, 20 years is now young to me) with a tremendous passion that leads her to places far more remote than Beijing to build a support structure for orphans.

We are going to continue shouting of our heart strings from the roof top all month! Here are just a few of the things that we have in store!
  1. Every year we host a fundraiser on this website to link our community to a New Day Foster Home Child in the hopes that we can directly support an individual life! This year we will do the same thing. We will introduce the fundraiser on Wednesday, so stay tuned. The funds go directly to New Day Foster Home, so your contribution will be tax deductable.
  2. Giveaway Extravaganza
  3. Guest Posts by people who share our heart and committment
  4. Special Sale for people who contribute to the fundraiser.
  5. Our Second Adoption Grant distribution. Don't forget that the proceeds from our Scarlet Scraps line go to our Adoption Grant Fund! We gave our first distribution last year and we are currently raising funds for our next distribution.

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