Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Scarlet Scraps Blue Bag Giveaway and a few thoughts to share

As you know, loyal readers, November is National Adoption Month, and this is where our hearts are. We've been blogging about this the last several posts, and I urge you to go back and have a look at them, if you missed them, as they're so lovely and inspiring, and brings hope to my soul for these children. Each of us here at Scarlet Threads has a different connection to orphan care and looking after those in need. Each of us has a story to share about how we became involved with Scarlet Threads, and I think that it is fair for me to say that in a few short years, Scarlet Threads has become a very special part of each of our lives. Every time I read a blog post written by one of the other ladies, I feel so blessed to be a part of this small family. There are some really amazing things going on here with Scarlet Threads, and I am honored to have a role in this community. 

We have a special fundraiser going on this month, to celebrate National Adoption Month. Little Talley lives at New Day Foster Home in China, which is where our story began. She was born with some serious birth defects, and had major surgery just a few months ago, but her medications cost nearly $500 per month. This month, we decided that we'd like to have a fundraising goal of $500 to cover this. We can do this, with your help, but you know what? We have found three matching donors, so all of the funds that we raise for Talley will be quadrupled! Yes, QUADRUPLED! This is so thrilling. Could you skip your morning Starbucks today and donate the $5.00 instead? Just think, that may be one less coffee for you, but $20 towards Talley's medications! 

You can make a donation here

The funds go directly to Legacy Charities, the 501c3 NDFH is registered under in the USA. That means your donation is tax-deductible and 100% of it goes to buying these medicines.

You can read more about Talley and her story here. Isn't she precious? 

I'm sure you're familiar with Scarlet Scraps, yes?  It's a new-ish venture we are doing where we use the "scraps" from our aprons and other items to make special limited edition items, as well as include products by other artisans, both within the U.S. and international. 100% of the proceeds from these purchases go directly into our adoption fund, and when funds allow, we like to surprise adoptive families with a grant to help them cover the costs associated with the adoption process. While I have not adopted a child, I know that there are huge costs involved, and this is just a little something that we can do in order to help more children find their Forever Families. We also offer fundraising kits that can be used for adoption, mission trips, etc, and are a neat way to share our products with your community, and perhaps put your own twist on the sales. Remember last winter when I hosted a shopping event at Ten Thousand Villages? The funds we raised from those sales went right to the adoption fund! 

As I said earlier, I may not have adopted a child myself, but it is something that has long been something I've thought about. You may have read blog posts here and there about the children I sponsor with World Vision, another organization that is near and dear to me. In the past six years, I've been blessed to call four children "mine;" Majlinda and Redion in Albania, and Boikokobetso in South Africa. One of my favorite blog posts featured Boikokobetso in one of our dresses that I sent her, the Summer Joy. Prior to my sponsoring Boikokobetso, I sponsored Inaete, also in Albania. After about two years, I received a letter from her saying that her family was moving to Italy. In that, she thanked me for my support over the years, and her mother wrote that it was because of my sponsorship that her family was able to make the move to a better place (for them). While I was sad to lose her initially, I soon realized that it was one of the greatest gifts she could have received, the ability to move to Italy, and knowing that I was a small part of that made me feel so much better. I still think of her often and keep her in my prayers. 

While Majlinda, Redion and Boikokobetso are not orphans, they are still children in need, and being a part of their lives, no matter how small, is a blessing to me beyond words. My fiance and I are expecting a baby at the end of January, and it is my hope that my daughter will grow to share this love for others that I have, and she too will be called towards helping those who cannot always help themselves. There are so many things that I want her to know, and I know that it is up to me to teach her, and I admit, sometimes that terrifies me, but I know that it will work out the way it's meant to. I hope she always knows how much she is loved, and that she finds a way to share that love with others. 

Speaking of sharing love with others, Scarlet Threads has three new sets of Christmas ornaments this year. While it might be a bit too late for Thanksgiving, they would be such lovely hostess gifts for the holiday parties you'll be attending. 

Aren't they pretty? They can be found here and are each made by hand by Lao Yan in his home in China. From his hands to yours, from China to the United States, we are thrilled to support his beautiful artistry this holiday season and all through the year. Who says you'd have to tuck them away after the holidays are over? The pieces in the Classic Collection captures the meaning of Grace, Hope, Love, Family, Faith, and Blessing in the twists and turns of the wire...perhaps I should use them to decorate the ongoing nursery in my home? Each of these words are something I hope that Baby C (as we are calling her for now!) knows throughout her life, so they could serve as a reminder to her (and me!) every day. 

We hope that our posts these last days have touched your hearts, and we hope that you will share them with your family and friends. In a spirit of giving, and our thanks to you, our supporters, we're offering a giveaway today. This is one of our blue tote bags from the Scarlet Scraps collection. Isn't it darling? It was designed by Deng Jia, and she used scraps from our Daphne apron, the Noelle tree skirt, and a few other bits and bobs in there too. I love the double ruffle design. What amazing skills she has, eh?! 

We'll use rafflecoptor for this giveaway, and there are several ways that you can enter. 

Won't you help us care for some of the world's smallest citizens today?


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