Friday, November 22, 2013

Taking a Minute...

I'm supposed to write here today about orphan care, about New Day Foster Home, and about how you can make a difference.

I guess that I'm supposed to inspire you.

There you are, sitting at your computer, or with your fancy phone in your hand, flipping through facebook posts and your twitter feed and your blogroll. You're checking in and getting the inside scoop of the world. This little social network of a world is entertaining and distracting and sometimes inspiring. You're reading this post and you wonder if you'll end up inspired, or bored... or maybe you won't even finish reading.

It's so easy to check-in, and yet not so easy to check out. Our little worlds are comfortable and safe, most of the time.

But when I enter the orphanage that my family visits at least once a week and I'm met with 15 children who don't know what a mommy is (except for the six-year old who's parents died in March and who's been separated from her twin brother because girls and boys get separated here when they get "big" and somehow six counts as "big") and who run up and reach their hands up because somehow they know that it means "hold me" even though they are rarely scooped up into a hug... and when the babies don't know how to crawl and who are silent and never cry because they have learned early on that crying is a waste of calories...'s really, really hard to check-out.

The orphan problem is real, and something that my peace-loving soul wants a break from, but that my shattered heart doesn't know how to leave.

And I wonder if it's not as much of an orphan problem but more of a love problem.

Have we forgotten how to love? How to sacrifice? How to give?

This is November, ya'll. All down my facebook feed people I know are counting #1... #14... #21... they're listing their gifts and the hoity-toity part of me is annoyed that it takes us 11 months of selfishness to remember to be thankful. Christmas is coming, too. Soon everyone will be talking about giving... for the first time that year.

And yet here I am, late November, right before Thanksgiving, telling you to be thankful and give. I don't want to do this. But I want for you to think about it... remember...

Let us find those places that inspire us. May we find that our time and our energy is not wasted. I want to spend less time checking my social-network feed and more time remembering how I can make a difference. Less time frittering away time in May... and August... and  October, so that November and December's push to live a worthwhile life will be effective and incredible.


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