Wednesday, December 25, 2013

After Christmas Sale: The 12 days of Christmas

What a wonderful end to a tremendous year for us. Scarlet Threads has continued to grow in total sales and supported artisans year over year, with this year being no exception. The strong support of our online community continues to inspire us - we know that each one of you is hoping for the success and growth of our mission. As shareholders in this mission, I figured we'd share some year end highlights:
  • Our Adoption Grant Fund grew to $1000 this year and we expect to identify recipient families soon*
  • #STOrphanCare raised $7,500 through the ST Community and matching donors this November*
  • The launch of the Chin Collection extended our artisan family to several Burmese refugees in our  Midland-Odessa community and added an adorable children's clothing line*
  • Adoption Fundraising Kit orders soared realizing our mission of supporting adoptive families*
  • To-Date 2013 Sales passed Total 2012 Sales on Cyber Monday* 
*Note: Fifteen exclamation points should follow each of the bullets"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Since we've met every success metric in my book for the year, we are going to celebrate by offering selected items in our shop for up to 75% off! Here's the catch (there is always a catch) - we're only offering a select quantity of items at the sale price so you have to act fast. Deeper discounts may apply when you order more than one of a given item.

visit our Sale Page to place your order
(sale prices start at midnight 12/26/2013 and end midnight 12/27/2013)

12 Beijing Backpacks (Sale $13, Reg. $25)
11 Ornament Bundles (Sale $13, Reg. $30)
10 Snowflake Ornaments (Sale $8, Reg. $14)
09 Toddler Dresses - Summer Joy and Poppy Styles - (Sale $5, Reg. $18)
08 Noelle Collection Ornaments (Sale $8, Reg. $16)
07 Annie Jane Aprons (Sale $15, Reg. $36)
06 A Bundle o' (3) Aprons (Sale $35, Reg. $88)
05 Dragon Aprons (Sale $13, Reg. $22)
04 Fierce and Free Tees (Sale $10, Reg. $20)
03 Kai & Son Sets (Sale $20, Reg. $50)
02 Scarlet Scraps Bag (Sale $9, Reg. $20)
01 Forest Applique Tees (Sale $8, Reg. $15)

These discounts are for one day only!

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