Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Gift Charity Bazaar

November 24th Scarlet Threads participated in The Gift Charity Bazaar at the Canadian International School in Beijing, China!

I (Hannah) ran two booths, one for Scarlet Threads and another, right beside, for New Day Foster Home.

We got there early to set up. Elisabeth, my little sister, was fabulous at taping potholders and snowflakes to the table cloths, and then making sure that everything stayed nice and presentable.

Jenny and Wayne helped to man the NDFH booth for a few hours.

The aprons were a big hit. We had many come by and say, "I just have to get one of these!" They really are an essential kitchen accessory. Do you have some yet?

Jewelry is always a hit too.

You can thank Natalie, my fearless partner-for-the-day for these pictures. Apparently I was always busy. Below are Natalie and me... being busy.

Doesn't our booth look adorable? Don't you wish that you were there?

We could not have done it all without fabulous Marissa. She was Lao Yan's partner for the day and helped all the adorable little girls try on head bands.

"Lao Yan was there?" you are probably asking in shock and surprise. YES! He joined us and the bazaar organizers happen to be the biggest Lao Yan fans ever, so they went out of their way to give him some space to do his magic.

Lao Yan made snowflakes on the spot, as well as personalized names for all of the many, many children who stopped by.

All they had to do was write their name (or have their mama do that - more readable this way) on a piece of paper, pick a color and a few minutes later... viola! A lovely piece of art to treasure for years.

Lao Yan was busy and worked hard, and was able to bring home and extra little stack of cash for his work. Yippee!

Now, how about those potholders...

Ni Hao Yall

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