Monday, February 3, 2014

Adoption Grant: The Jensen Family

Through the sale of items in our Scarlet Scraps line, we raise funds to distribute as grants to families adopting.  When it came time to disperse this past year's funds, we decided to reach out to families who had utilized our adoption fundraising program to see if they could use additional support.  I'd like to introduce you to one of those families... The Jensen family welcomed their sweet boy this year, and we are sending them (due to your generous support!) $400 to help with the remaining steps of their adoption as they work to finalize it. 
Our names are Bradley and Erika Jensen….formally a family of 2, now a family of 3!  We're adopting domestically (first adoption, first child) and welcomed Theodore Bradley Jensen into our hearts on September 24, 2013.  If you’re reading this, you might know someone adopting, or considering adopting, and wondering….well, how hard is it?  I can tell you, when we first set down the adoption road, we had NO IDEA what we were in for ;)  From the paperwork, home studies, profile book, finding an agency or consultant, fundraising and the emotional roller coaster that accompanies it.  
Through being open with friends and family, we found a HUGE support network from all areas of our lives, past and present.  It was truly a blessing from God to see the outpouring of adoption stories, and to rekindle friendships from old friends and new customers that had encouraging words about adoption for us.  Besides becoming transparent in all aspects of your life for the whole public to see, there was the financial hurdle…the elephant in the room.  *sigh*  
We read books and blogs about fundraising.  We started an adoption cookie jar at our store, did a garage sale, chocolate dinner with silent auction, trimmed the fat on household purchases, wrote letters and emails, became a part of a 501c3 adoption website for online name it, we were doing it.  During one of my million adoption story searches on the internet, I stumbled across Scarlet Threads and was blown away.  What an amazing company that had a heart and passion for people next door and around the world.  I saw they had an apron fundraiser and I thought, “No way, they’ll never accept us for fundraising.”

After sending an inquiry about our situation with infertility, the desire to adopt, and the fact we were BOTH self-employed, with no liquid funds at all due to a business investment, they said “Awesome. can’t wait to get you set up!”  And boom. First shipment of aprons came to my door.  
These aprons were beautifully and skillfully made (and being in the chocolate business, I see my fair share of aprons!).  I loved the brochures that came with them talking about the mission of ST and how them helping me was helping women across the ocean.  When friends and family also read about ST they immediately bought 1, 2 or 3 aprons for themselves or gifts and wanted a brochure to boot!  They loved the heart behind this company….and that love for others is what really sold these aprons.
I can not even remember how many aprons we sold….I’d have to say we raised over $300 easy.  It was one of the most fun, and stress-free fundraisers we did, and I was so grateful that ST was kind enough to lend out their company to help me fundraise for my son.

Thank you Scarlet Threads for helping people near and far, and for the love you spread with just a needle and thread ;)  
PS- I would note on that poster that yes, it says we are expecting a girl…and he WAS a girl…till 8:17 pm, when he came out….a BOY! ha!  God has a plan for everything ;)

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