Monday, February 17, 2014

Adoption Fundraising with Scarlet Threads: Tips and Tricks

Scarlet Threads launched the Apron Fundraiser concept last year to join our fair trade sewing cooperative with our heart for adoption and orphan care. Over the course of the year, we partnered with adoptive parents, including Lauren Childers who sold several batches of our aprons and other products to raise funds for her adoption.  Lauren graciously offered to give some fundraising tips and share how she made the most of the Scarlet Threads Apron Fundraiser. Here we go!!

Tips and Tricks:
Aprons are easy to sell because you can always own more than one. Since Scarlet Threads Aprons are pretty, well made, and fair trade, they are even easier to sell. The key I have found is to show the aprons. I have a pretty Easter type basket that I bring to church with me on Sundays. The ladies in my class were able to see the aprons and take home their purchases that day. The Apron Basket even made its way to my mother’s church, to family get-togethers, and with friends on outings.

I should also note the generous terms of this adoption fundraiser before I go farther. Many fundraisers I researched might give a few dollars of a purchase such as 10%, $3, $7 and so on. But with Scarlet Threads, I get 50% of the purchase price! My friends and those kind strangers who have purchased aprons from me have been very impressed that half of what they are paying will actually help me bring my daughter home.

This was my chat up line: "By purchasing this apron, you are supporting my adoption AND helping another mother in Asia provide for her family. Just $30!”

- Sell other gifts to coordinate.
At Christmas time, I made Vanilla Chai Tea Latte mixes, Hot Cocoa Mixes, and Chocolate Chip Brownie Mixes. I put them in mason jars with some pretty ribbons, and a tag with directions and sold them for $5 each. It was a hit for people to order gift bags with a apron and a cute recipe jar. They were great for teacher gifts or co-worker gifts! There are tons of recipes for mason jar gifts on Pinterest, so get creative.

- Team up!
You know those one time parties where you sample all sorts of delicious foods and then order packets and jars to make at home? Yea, those! Team up with another adoptive mom to sell both food and aprons!

- Coordinate with a holiday
We choose Christmas, since frankly it was next on the calendar. However, we have another big apron push scheduled for Mother’s Day. With Christmas we played up the fact that aprons were great gifts for hard-to-buy mother in laws, the aunt who has everything, and the girlfriend who loves to cook. For Mother’s Day, we are planning to match up aprons with muffin mixes and tea for a great mother’s day gift.

- Network
We have page on Facebook where we post updates on the adoption as well as fundraisers. We posted cute pictures of my daughters posing in the aprons. In addition to online, we advertised to our church group, our preschool, our work, my tennis team, and the elementary school my daughter attends. It doesn’t have to be much more than an email or simply chatting with friends.

- Lots of products
During Christmas, I also sold the ornaments from Scarlet Threads. There are also necklaces, pot holders, and children’s clothes. There are lots of options to choose from to keep your fundraiser items fresh and new!  (Scarlet Threads note: Our standard fundraising kit includes only aprons, but if you are interested in selling other items we produce, please contact us for details!)

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