Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Fun! Five Heart Home

I'd love to introduce our friend Samantha who runs a spiffy foodie blog called Five Heart Home!

Last month, we were looking for new blog friends who might be interested in guest posting a recipe on the ST blog. And, we were introduced via facebook by one of our ST community. You could say it's a match made in ST heaven.

So, I visited her site. And, I was blown away. I love the quality of the photos, and of course the food looks amazing, and her personality shines through so brightly in her writing. Witty, meticulous, type-A, perfectionist ... now I know why we connected!

See what I mean about the photography and food? First of all, I love St. Patrick's Day. It reminds me of my mother's antics with green dye and my brother losing his thermos of green dyed milk at school for a week. Oooh, wrong thing to say. Focus on the pictures...

Before I knew it, Samantha and I had planned a guest Tasty Tuesday post (March 4th, so check back) and she had become our second advertising affiliate. Can I tell you how thrilled I am that she is on board? It is sooooo validating when good hearted / high energy people share your vision and provide encouragement!

The advertising affiliate program is in beta test, but essentially we've reached out to ... two ... special blogs to help us see whether blog advertising is a good way to increase sales and therefore grow the Scarlet Threads mission! If you have a blog and you are interested in becoming our third advertising affiliate, message us on facebook or send us an email!!

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