Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Flower Earrings

This week's Thrifty Thursday product feature is one of my favorites! Our flower earrings on sale for ONLY $5.00 (reg. $7).

Click the photo above to visit our shop and make a purchase!

Have you met the Lao Yen? He's the artisan who creates our wonderful wired art collection. I love the creativity with which he and Huan Mei approach their work because it seems like every time we visit, they have something new in store for us.

Of course, we never lose site of our favorites and best sellers. These flower earrings, for example, have been a staple in our shop since we saw them on Huan Mei's ears.

But the story really doesn't stop at a gorgeous pair of earrings on sale for 30% off. The mission of Scarlet Threads is to bring beautiful products from our (very talented) artisans to our ever expanding ST Community. Simultaneously we want to introduce you, dear Community, to our artisans so that you have an opportunity to form a connection to the people who created the products that you purchase. For me, it makes a "thing" so much more meaningful when you can make a connection. 

I think I love my Scarlet Threads aprons and rings and potholders and Sadie Bag because I know the people who created them. I know them through ST, through Hannah's stories about Lao Yen and Huan Mei, which almost make me feel like I am a part of their family - their family that is overflowing with joy. I know them through Carrie and the pains that she took to create lovely patterns with Deng Jie and the funny cultural differences like button holes being uncut because it proves that the product you are purchasing is new!

Thank you so much for being a part of our community and letting us share in our stories with you! We hope that you follow us via our blog, facebook, twitter, and pinterest!

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