Sunday, March 2, 2014

Monday Montage: Discussion Board - Sex Trafficking

A friend of mine posted an article to facebook today about a new indie film (called Eden) that's being released soon in the UK. It is the story of a woman visiting a foreign country who was sold into the sex trade at age 19. No, it isn't Taken. (Although, I totally love the righteous rage of Liam Neeson in that movie.) And, no it isn't hollywood fiction. It is a real honest-to-goodness tale of inhumanity at its finest. It's not exactly one of those movies that you rent for girls night, but I am thinking of doing it all the same when it is released.

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I would so love for the ST Blog to be a place to talk about important things. I think we are already doing important work, tackling some hard challenges and having fun along the way. The most important thing that we can do is bring to light and talk about the things that happen in the dark. The darkness can have no more power.

So, we are going to start a discussion board, right here on the blog and/or the facebook page. Take a read and leave a thought. Is this the forever plight of humanity - to degrade, to enslave, to hurt? We already have thoughts flowing in on facebook so feel free to jump right in.

Here were my thoughts upon reading the story of Chong Kim.

I want to meet people where they are. I want to see the invisible.

This is what we do when we focus on orphan care and adoption. We don't turn a blind eye to little ones who are hurting with no one to comfort them! But they aren't the only ones who are without comfort and protection in this world. This is what we do when we work with refugee groups (like the Chin people in Midland, TX). We see people who are sometimes invisible.

We are called to be a hope to the hopeless, a light in the darkness, a friend to the friendless. I think what we are really trying to be is honest. We need to see the world the way it is, we need to see the people who are invisible, and we need not be afraid of the darkness. Fear gives it power.

The church we once attended was just starting to get involved in the human trafficking and sex trade ministries a couple of years ago. And, if you couldn't be involved directly, they asked you to pray. Pray for the victims, pray for the Johns, pray for the captors. In praying, we have opened our eyes to the evil, we name it, and we ask for the power to overcome it.

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